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Have you seen a company that cleans your home and also cares about your health? The new House offers a great cleaning, and we also take care of the health of your family. For example, the materials used to clean your kitchen will be used exclusively for your kitchen and not for others. We use one color of cloth to clean bathrooms and another color to clean the rest of your house. If you or your family has any allergy problems that prevent you from using conventional products, we have special products to do the cleaning of your home without you having to pay more for it. Do not waste time, call and let the New House take care of your home and the health of your family!

Outstanding Cleaning Services With Flat Rate Pricing. No Hidden Fees. No Surprises.

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with a team trained health professionals, tested and ready to take ready care of your home.

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Our cleaners are rated by their customers after every home clean and are continually held to high standards.

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Our method of separation and use of cloths by color ensures their use for every place in the house.